Car Hood Hinges

Want to show off the engine, valve train and power train components of your vehicle? If your vehicle is equipped with high-quality engine and underhood parts, then why not? Just make sure that the various parts under the hood of your car, truck, van or SUV are clean and good-looking. Also, make sure that your hood won't embarrass you by slightly dangling on one hinge when you're pushing it up. To make this the least of your concerns, make sure the hood hinge is correctly installed and properly functioning.

A hood's hinges can be located either at the front or the rear end of the hood. What they do is allow you to open and close the hood while making sure that the hood stays attached to the vehicle's body. Your hood hinges allow you to open your vehicle's hood as wide as possible so you can comfortably work under it in the engine compartment. So, take good care of your hood's hinges.

Maintenance of a car hood hinge is easy. Since it's exposed to a variety of damaging elements, such as water and dirt, you can protect it by lubing it from time to time. You can use engine oil for lubricant. But for greater corrosion resistance, it would be best to use white lithium grease. It comes as aerosol spray, which coats surfaces evenly when applied. To use it on the hinges, you just have to spray it on the pivot points and allow it to dry.

Now, suppose you didn't take care of these components in your ride, how would you know that you already got a problem with them? Again, this is fairly easy to do. When you start hearing rattling sounds from the front corner of the instrument panel or from the hinge area, inspect the hood hinge bolts; chances are there are loose ones that simply need tightening. When you notice that your hood doesn't fit properly in its seat anymore, check for misaligned hinges; you can bring your car to a repair shop to have them realigned. But when you start having a major hinge deterioration-such that you had to rock it up and down, and then pull it up left side first, then right just to open it-then maybe it's not repair or adjustment that you need to do. For such cases, you already need to replace the hinge.

Here at Parts Train, we have a great selection of high-performance hood hinge replacements that you can use to replace the stock units on your vehicle. Usually available in black or chrome finish, our hinges are guaranteed to be of premium quality to last the lifetime of your car. Check out our online shelves today for more of our high-standard hood assembly components.