Pontiac Firebird Hood

The powertrain of your vehicle is shielded from damaging properties by means of the Pontiac Firebird hood that you can easily lift to inspect the engine parts and pulled down for full defense. The hood of your Pontiac Firebird will tear apart due to oxidation or a car accident. In case this part indeed damaged or dented, you must readily look for a replacement, so you won't expose the engine block to increased risk.

Pontiac Firebird hoods can be constructed from steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber-know the advantages of each and every material to find the best one for your vehicle. A steel hood is highly tough, while the fiberglass type is less heavy than steel and may be easily altered with scoops for better air flow, along with other enhancements. Carbon fiber is a certified lightweight compared to other types, making it a great pick because of enhanced fuel efficiency and higher speed it provides. If looking for a new hood for Pontiac Firebird, think about this component's coat, fitting, toughness, and type.

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