Pontiac Bonneville Hood

The hood of your Pontiac Bonneville protects the engine from harsh elements just like road debris, high temperatures, and grime, while providing you with easy way to check the engine compartment to perform routine checkups. Though the Pontiac Bonneville hood is designed to last, this part could also wear out because of corrosion and dints from crashes. If ever you wouldn't want to jeopardize the optimum protection of your automotive engine, shop for an OE replacement once it's dented.

You can find varied options for Pontiac Bonneville hoods in terms of materials employed; other options are built from carbon fiber, steel, or fiberglass, and each one has its very own advantages. A steel hood is very sturdy, whereas the fiberglass material weighs less compared to steel and could be instantly modified by adding scoops for optimized flow of air, together other upgrades. Since carbon fiber weighs less compared to other types, some of its great advantages are improved fuel economy and greater speed resulting from the recommended proportion of weight. In case you're shopping for a replacement hood for Pontiac Bonneville, check its coat, vehicle fit, durability, and style.

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