The hood of your Nissan Sentra covers the engine from harsh substances such as stone chips, heat, and gunk, in addition to giving you easy access to the engine block for routine checkups. The sturdy Nissan Sentra hood might get ruined as caused by corrosion or get damaged because of a slam. If ever you wouldn't wish to undermine the optimum shield of your engine bay, shop for an OE replacement when it's dinged up.

Nissan Sentra hoods are made of various types of material that include steel, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, all of which have their unique strengths. A steel hood is known for its sturdiness, whereas the fiberglass type weighs less and can be modified. Carbon fiber is a tried-and-tested lightweight as opposed to other alternatives, making it an excellent pick because of improved fuel mileage and good aerodynamics it guarantees. The brand-new hood for Nissan Sentra should have the preferred finish, type, and fit, and has to be durable enough to endure weathering.

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