The hood of your Nissan Cube protects the automotive engine from damaging substances just like rocks, heat, and dirt, while giving you quick access to the engine compartment to perform maintenance and repair. Though the Nissan Cube hood is designed for long life, it could also break down because of corrosion and damage from collisions. Damaged or worn hoods will open the engine bay to danger, and so you must shop for an OE replacement immediately.

Nissan Cube hoods are built from varied types of material like carbon fiber, steel, and fiberglass, which all offer their very own advantages. A steel hood is so durable, while the fiberglass option is less heavy compared to steel and may be instantly modified by adding scoops for optimized air flow, together other enhancements. As carbon fiber weighs less compared to other options, examples of its main advantages are better fuel mileage and agility due to the preferred distribution of weight. Ensure that the new hood for Nissan Cube is at least primered, durable, and an exact fit for hassle-free installation.

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