The engine of your automobile is covered from harsh substances using the Mercury Cougar hood that you can conveniently lift to see the engine equipment and close for full defense. The hood of your Mercury Cougar may tear apart because of decay or a crash. Damaged or worn hoods could subject the engine bay to danger; therefore, you should look for a replacement immediately.

There are various options for Mercury Cougar hoods in terms of materials used; many OE replacements are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or steel, and each type comes with its very own advantages. A steel hood is very tough, whereas the fiberglass type is less heavy in comparison to steel and can be instantly revamped by adding scoops for better air flow, together other enhancements. As the carbon fiber type is lighter, your automobile could benefit from enhanced fuel economy and agility. When searching for a brand-new hood for Mercury Cougar, check its coat, compatibility, sturdiness, and design.

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