Automotive hoods are essentially designed to cover the engine. Some of us do not realize this fact since we have been so used to seeing cars outfitted with hood. But during the early times, vehicles were made without hoods. The need for the said auto part just cropped up when vehicle owners recognize how deceitful Mother Nature can be to the engine and to other important automobile parts. Rain, dust and road debris are just usual environmental elements but they can be very alarming opponents when it comes to damaging and rusting out the vehicle's engine.

The first automotive hoods were crafted for practical reasons. And their basic job is to shield the engine against its natural enemies. However, innovative persons realize the hood's potential to cater a completely different job and that is to modify the vehicle's appearance. From these, many automotive hoods in the market today are designed to accessorize the vehicle.

Another thing that car enthusiasts discover about the hood is that it can also help boost the car's performance. And this is the main reason why some hoods come with hood scoops. These hood accessories are like windows installed on the hood to give extra ventilation for the engine. Hoods with scoops are typically employed on race cars since their engines can become too hot due to the high speeds they take on.

Vehicle hoods, including Jaguar hoods, can be made from various types of materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass. Both of the said materials are strong enough to make the hood capable of resisting wind pressure and intense heat. These materials are also pliable enough in order to be welded into various sizes and designs. Hoods can be designed to make the vehicle sporty and muscular or it can carry a simple yet elegant look.

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