Dodge Stealth Hood

The engine block of your car is protected from potentially dangerous elements using the Dodge Stealth hood that you may conveniently lift to inspect the engine parts and shut for full defense. While the Dodge Stealth hood is bound for long life, this component will also wear out by way of corrosion and damage caused by crashes. When it's definitely damaged or grooved, you should immediately shop for an OE replacementunless you want to subject the engine to increased damage.

Dodge Stealth hoods may be constructed from steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber-know the pros of every material to get the best one for your ride. A steel hood is highly durable, whereas the fiberglass option is less heavy than steel and could be easily enhanced using scoops for maximized air flow, together other enhancements. Considering that the carbon fiber material weighs less, your ride may take advantage of improved fuel efficiency and agility. The replacement hood for Dodge Stealth ought to have the desired paint, style, and fit, and must be durable enough to endure the harsh elements.

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