The car's heating unit is its extra cooling system. This is equipped with a heat exchanger referred to as the Toyota Previa heater core. This is essentially a small radiator. This functions to collect hot coolant from the engine into its inlet and uses the protective fins to improve the coolant heat transfer onto the air from the fan. The high temperature that the heater core produces is utilized to bring heat in the cabin.

Generally, your Toyota Previa heater core is located at the back of your dashboard. It's manufactured using well-selected brass or aluminum tubes inside a shielding layer of fins. It's attached to the engine and the air vents of your car by means of discharge lines. You can control the warm air from this component by turning your heater knob mounted on the dash of the automobile.

Abuse, the heavy-duty tasks, and wear will eventually take toll on your current heater core. Replacing the Toyota Previa heater core with the exact replacement is going to bring back your heater's performance. Parts Train offers OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement that you can select from.