Your automobile's heating unit is actually supplementary cooling system. The key of every vehicular heater is the heat exchanger just like the Toyota Matrix heater core. This is essentially a small radiator. It actively works to collect hot coolant from the engine into its tubes and uses the fins to magnify heat transfer to the fan-forced air. This operation can both bring heat in the cabin and also cool the engine.

Typically, the Toyota Matrix heater core is located right behind your dash. The first part you'll observe certainly is the fins that're mounted on brass or aluminum pipes. It's coupled to your engine and to the vents of the vehicle through heater lines. You'll be able to control the amount of hot air from this component via turning the heater knob on the climate control of your vehicle.

Over time, this part will also malfunction. You don't ought to experience low performance or even upgrade the whole assembly to recover the Toyota Matrix heater core capabilities. The only thing you've got to accomplish is look for a direct replacement to this part and it should be from OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement right here at Parts Train!