Toyota Heater Core Driving a Toyota vehicle during winter or cold days can be very uncomfortable if your vehicle does not have an internal climate control system. An internal climate control system allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity inside your vehicle. It maintains a comfortable level of temperature. Freezing inside your car is not only uncomfortable it is dangerous. If it is a long drive and the weather is really very cold, you may develop frost bites or succumb to hypothermia. Thankfully, your Toyota vehicle has a Toyota heater core. Technically speaking the Toyota heater core is just one component of the internal climate control system of your vehicle.

There are two main components of the internal climate control system of your vehicle. The first main component is the air conditioning system. The air conditioning unit regulates the humidity and lowers the temperature inside your vehicle. It can also function as a heater to warm the air inside your vehicle. However, it is impractical and uneconomical to use the air conditioning system as heater. Hence, the second main component of the internal climate control of your vehicle is the heater. The heater is comparatively much simpler than the air conditioning unit. The heater operates in the same principle as the radiator of the vehicle.

However, the heater is technically not part of the cooling system of the engine. The central functioning unit of the automobile heater is the heater core. The heater core is actually a small radiator that can be found inside the dashboard of your vehicle. In contrast to the main radiator, its main function is to transfer some heat from the engine block to be circulated inside the vehicle living compartment. If the main radiator expends heat unproductively, the heater core allows the conservation of heat inside the vehicle.

Although there are similarities between the main radiator and the heater core, they have different functions. A main radiator has a fan that blows air on it to dissipate heat into the external environment. On the other hand a heater core has fan that blows air on it to allow the circulation of warm air inside the vehicle. The radiator fan is operated by the camshaft of the engine, whereas, the heater core fan is operated by the batteries. The heater core fan has an electric motor that derives its power from the batteries. Heat is delivered to the heater core via the coolant medium. Water coolant circulates from the engine block to the heater core. The circulation is driven by a separate water pump. If the heater core of your vehicle becomes defective, it is better to replace it immediately. Here at Parts Train, you can find the most cost-effective heater core replacements.