Your vehicle acts not merely as transport, but also as a retreat from the severe elements outdoors. The vehicle's AC helps keep you cooled down during the summer, while the Saturn L200 heater core is the primary element of the heater that keeps you comfortable when the weather is cool. The heater core functions just like your car's radiator by transferring hot coolant thru a winding pipe-actually, it is very similar in structure to the radiator, but it's less massive. A fan moves air thru the heater core, enabling the heat to dissipate and be delivered to the passenger compartment.

The heater core can commence dripping or become clogged, actually making it unusable. In case you discover that your car's heater core is malfunctioning, then you must swap it right away. With a new, high-quality replacement Saturn L200 heater core, you don't have to suffer the freezing chill of winter when you are inside your car.

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