The heating system on our vehicles is one of those things which we tend to ignore. However, when winter season comes, we get ourselves busy inspecting its components to see if they are still working properly. It's kind of ironic really since it is not only during winter or cold seasons that the heating system of our vehicles is put in use. Even during summer, this heating system also plays an important role. Though its function is to keep your vehicle's interior warm and comfortable on winter times, it also acts as a secondary cooling system on your Saturn vehicle for this is just like a small radiator which aids the primary radiator in cooling off the coolant. Basically, Saturn heater core is considered as finned water to air heat exchanger component which can be found underneath the right side of your vehicle's dashboard that is usually covered by a heater box. Being an essential part of your Saturn heating system, the chief function of this Saturn heater core is to provide the needed heat to your vehicle's passenger compartment air stream. However, this function is just but considered an effect or byproduct of the coolant's cooling function. The coolant enters to the heater core via hose along the vehicle's cylinder head. And with the aid of the cooling fan, the heat which has been absorbed by the coolant is then transferred to the air that flows through the heater core. Being partially cooled, the coolant then makes its way to the pump. Accountable in keeping your vehicle's interior warm in times of winter season and aiding your vehicle's radiator in cooling off the engine, the Saturn heater core is indeed essential on your vehicle's overall function and should be maintained on its top notch shape. If this contraption will just be taken for granted, possible damage and leaks might occur. And if this happens, it is not only the heating system which will be affected but your vehicle's cooling system as well. So, if noticed to be defective, you should instantly check it or replace it if needed. Because of various online auto parts stores, looking for a fine quality replacement for your Saturn heater core is no longer a problem. Here at Parts Train, a wide array of Saturn heater core is always ready to be shipped anytime. You can just browse through our convenient parts catalog for the exact Saturn heater core that you need. Once you've made your choice just fill up our online order form. Our customer service representatives are online 24/7 to assist you in your requirements.