Did you know that the heater is actually engineered for cooling your engine? It is designed with a heat exchanger referred to as your Pontiac Pursuit heater core. The part functions nearly the same as the radiator on your cooling system. The main purpose of this part is to be able to generate warm air using the hot coolant that enters its tubes. This operation can heat the cabin and cool your engine.

Usually, your Pontiac Pursuit heater core is at the back of the dash. It is made up of either brass or aluminum tubes in the defensive layer of fins. It's connected to the engine and to the air vents of the automobile by means of inlet and outlet tubes. You can regulate the hot air coming out of this heater core through turning a heater knob on the dashboard of your car.

Misuse, the tough functions, and time-incurred damage will swiftly affect your heater core. Replacing your Pontiac Pursuit heater core with an exact match will bring back the heater's performance. Parts Train offers OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units, which you can choose from.