Your own automobile's heating assembly is actually secondary cooling system. This is equipped with a heat exchanger referred to as the Pontiac Fiero heater core. The auto part looks and works pretty much as the radiator on your cooling system. A heater core works to receive hot coolant coming out from the engine into the inlet , and then, uses the fins to magnify coolant heat transfer onto the air. The high temperature that the heater core creates is required to warm the interior.

The Pontiac Fiero heater core can be found beneath the instrument cluster. It is made up of well-selected brass or aluminum lines within a protective layer of fins. Your heater core is equipped with pipes that are for receiving and discharging coolant. The particular level of warm air that is sent to the passenger cab is usually controlled with a level on the dash.

Over time, this component will malfunction. Changing your Pontiac Fiero heater core with an actual match is going to restore the heater's performance. Parts Train offers OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units that you can get one from.