In order to expand the production of high performance vehicles, General Motors has created Pontiac. Pontiac focuses on developing high performance cars instead of sticking to the concept of luxury automobiles. The composition of Pontiac cars are more advanced than the conventional types. They have a more efficient engine and an intricately-shaped bulk. They have been designed to survive even harsh weather conditions. If you are an owner of a Pontiac auto, you have probably experienced optimum comfort in driving. In order to ensure the utmost convenience of the driver and passengers, Pontiac vehicles are loaded with advanced features. Among the most useful is the heater core. The Pontiac heater core warms up the atmosphere in the cabin whenever the temperature drops. Staying inside your Pontiac auto during a very cold weather can be very comforting, thanks to the heater core.

The heater core works like the radiator; the only difference is the size. It is located within the HVAC casing, which stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning. It has a very crucial role in the cooling system. By using coolant, the heater core helps in alleviating the engine heat while providing warm air to the passenger compartment. By collecting and dissipating the heat generated by the engine as it operates, overheating and possible engine damages are avoided.

Heater cores are typically placed in the vehicle dash board. Turning on the heater activates the valves, which allow the hot air to get into the cabin's air stream. It allows the coolant to circulate to different pipes. And to lead the air directly to the cabin, a blower is used. If the heater core of your Pontiac auto is beginning to give signs of failure, have it checked by a skilled mechanic. If damage is beyond repair, then you have to replace it with a similar heater core. Purchasing an incompatible heater core may affect the operating condition of the cooling system.

The unnecessary build-up of moisture in the carpet of your car is a symptom of a defective heater core. Another symptom is the foul smell generated by the heater. If you have experienced any of these symptoms in your Pontiac, then that is the point when you need to inspect the heater core.

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