Your vehicle functions not just as transportation, but also as a retreat from the severe conditions outdoors. In warm weather, the vehicle's air conditioning system is what cools the air within the cabin, while it is the Mercury Marquis heater core that helps keep you heated and cozy in winter. A heater core works similar to your automobile's radiator by passing hot coolant thru a twisting tube-in fact, it is really equivalent in structure to the radiator, but it's smaller. The warmth from the coolant is diffused to the passing air which is focused into the cabin by a fan.

The heater core can begin leaking or become clogged, actually making it inoperable. You need to replace your car's heater core at once if you discover that it is defective. By using a brand-new, cutting-edge replacement Mercury Marquis heater core, you don't have to suffer the snowy temperature of winter when you're riding your car.

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