The heating system in your Mercury is important for maintaining a warm atmosphere inside your vehicle especially needed during cold seasons. This provides optimal comfort for the vehicle's occupants. It is composed of several components and the main part which serves as the source of heat is the Mercury heater core. This is mounted under the dashboard of your vehicle. This is also used as a secondary cooling system which can be used to dissipate excessive heat when the engine is overheating. It is specifically a small radiator-like device which creates heat and blows it inside the vehicle's cabin. It works like the radiator, except that the heat is routed in the interior.

The Mercury heater core makes use of the heated coolant from the engine. It puts out its heat which is then blown into the passenger compartment. This allows warm air to circulate inside your vehicle. It has a conductive piping which is coiled and sheathed within the aluminum fins allowing an increased surface area for an efficient heat exchange. The heated coolant is routed via the heater hose into the heater core's inlet. It then passes through the coiled piping and then exits at the outlet and goes back into the water pump.

The heater core uses an electric fan to direct its heat fully into the vehicle's cabin. It forces air through the heater core's fin and transfers the heat from the coolant and into the flowing air. This causes the warm air to be blown into the vehicle via several vents at distinct points. Some engine designs uses the heater core to heat the air coming from the air conditioner whenever the dash setting is not turned to "cold". But most efficient engine set-up does not allow this since it forces the engine to do a lot of work than it originally needs. Instead, they cycle the compressor which can be set on and off to reduce the cooling output.

Although most of the time, the heater core is reliable, for some instances, it also fails. Signs of a faulty heater core include coolant leaking on the floor of the interior, a strange scent when the heater is turned on, and poor heater output. To prevent this from happening, it must be periodically inspected together with the entire cooling system. It is also best to follow coolant changing at recommended intervals.

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