Your ride acts not only as transport, but also as a refuge from the harsh conditions in the outdoors. The car's air conditioning keeps you cool during the summer months, while the Mercedes Benz 560sl heater core is the primary element of the heater that keeps you comfortable when the weather is cold. A heater core is essentially a scaled-down model of your vehicle's radiator, where the heated coolant provided by the engine is passed through a turning tube. A fan moves air thru the heater core, enabling the warmth to transfer and be delivered to the passenger compartment.

A heater core can commence leaking or get blocked, rendering it unusable. In case you observe that your automobile's heater core is defective, then you should change it at once. You don't need to live with feeling like an ice cream popsicle when you can simply buy a top-notch aftermarket Mercedes Benz 560sl heater core.

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