The car's heating unit is its extra cooling system. It's equipped with a heat exchanger referred to as the Mercedes Benz 400e heater core. The part functions pretty much like a radiator inside your cooling system. The key purpose of this component is create warm air through the hot coolant that enters its lines. This operation will eventually bring heat in the cab and the, cool an engine.

The Mercedes Benz 400e heater core is located beneath the dashboard. It is actually made from either brass or aluminum tubing within a shielding coating of fins. It's attached to the engine and also on the ventilation grills of your automobile through inlet and outlet pipes. The actual quantity of high temperature air that's vented to the cab is generally controlled through a tab on your dash.

Neglect, the tough functions, and wear will swiftly have effects on your current heater core. Replacing your Mercedes Benz 400e heater core with the exact counterpart is going to bring back its functions. Parts Train distributes OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement, which you can get one from.