If you own a Mercedes Benz, you are surely equipped with superb interior and exterior parts which are meticulously engineered to provide you maximum safety, comfort, and solid mobility. It is made to satisfy your most discriminating driving needs as well as your ride comfort. Among the various parts that play a crucial role in maintaining conducive atmosphere inside your vehicle is the Mercedes Benz heater core. This is the radiator like device that is located under your vehicle's dashboard. It is composed of a conductive piping that is coiled and insulated within its aluminum fins to provide larger surface area for an efficient heat exchange. This is a heat exchanger that supplies heat needed in heating the passengers' compartment of the vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz heater core uses the hot coolant from the engine. It collects the heat from the coolant and disperses it into the vehicle's cabin. Since the engine is cooled by water, the water pump forces it to the radiator allowing it to give off its heat while some of the hot water is being pumped through the heater core. The hot coolant is routed via the heater hose into the inlet and through the heater core. It travels through the coiled piping and then flows out at the outlet and returns back into the water pump. This process is continuous as long as the heating system is turned on.

An electric fan is equipped in the heater core which is responsible for directing the heat essentially on the vehicle's interior. It forces the air into the heater core's fins and transfers the heat from the coolant and into the air. This is then blown into the vehicle through vents at several points. Aside from being the source of heat used in the entire heating system, it can also help in dissipating excessive heat from the engine. When your vehicle is running too hot, you can turn the fan on at full blast.

The Mercedes Benz heater core is activated by a switch located on the vehicle's control panel. It works just like the radiator, but the only difference is that it disperses its heat into the vehicle's interior. To best maintain its consistency, periodic maintenances together with the cooling system must be done. The coolant must be changed at recommended periods.

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