Are you aware that your heater is also engineered to help cool your engine? The heart of every automobile heater is the heat exchanger just like the Mazda B2300 heater core. It is essentially a small radiator. The primary task of this part is to be able to create heated air from the hot coolant collected into its tubes. It will eventually bring heat in the cabin and the, cool the engine.

Your Mazda B2300 heater core is situated beneath the instrument cluster. It is actually made from well-selected brass or aluminum lines inside a shielding coating of fins. It is coupled to your engine and the vents of the vehicle through inlet and outlet lines. You'll be able to regulate the amount of hot air coming out of this part by flipping a heater knob right on the dash of the car.

Gradually, your heater core will also malfunction. Changing your Mazda B2300 heater core with its precise match will certainly bring back its functions. Parts Train offers OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units for you to choose from.