Owning a Mazda does not just provide you an exhilarating and top notch road performance but also, you are provided with highly functional and efficient auto parts that are vital for your maximum comfort and driving convenience. There are several parts and components that make up your entire vehicle and one of the most crucial parts is the Mazda heater core. This is the part responsible for keeping your interior always warm which is especially needed during cold climates. This is a radiator-like device that produces heat essential for heating the cabin of your vehicle. Through the use of the heated coolant generated from the engine, the heater core disperses and blows its heat through the passenger compartment of the engine. This way, you can ride and drive with optimal comfort.

The Mazda heater core is located under the dashboard of your vehicle. It is composed of a conductive piping which is looped within the aluminum fins to provide a greater surface area for sufficient heat exchange. As the hot coolant reaches the heater core via the heater hose, it enters the core at the inlet and is channeled through the coiled piping, and exits at the outlet, and returns back into the water pump. This cycle is continuous as long as the heating system is running. It can constantly work whether the thermostat is open or closed. With this process, a sufficient amount of heat is created essential for warming your interior.

The heater core is equipped with a small electric fan which is responsible for accurately directing the heat into the passenger compartment. It can be activated through the use of heater controls or switch located at the vehicle's control panel and a blower motor which controls the precise amount of heat to be circulated. The concept of heater core operations is similar with that of the radiator. The only difference is that, the heater core directs its heat into the vehicle's interiors while the radiator disperses heat out of the vehicle.

The best way to maintain the efficiency of your Mazda heater core is by giving it regular maintenance, along with the cooling system. Periodic coolant changes at recommended intervals can greatly extend its life and functionality. But since it is not made to last forever, its wear will gradually appear as it ages and will certainly need you to replace it.

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