Did you know that your own heater is also designed to cool an engine? It is designed with a heat exchanger generally known as your Lincoln Navigator heater core. This particular auto part looks and works pretty much like your radiator inside your cooling system. This functions to receive hot coolant coming out from the engine into the inlet and uses the fins to increase heat transfer onto the air. This will eventually warm the passenger cabin and the, cool an engine.

The Lincoln Navigator heater core can be found beneath the dashboard. It is actually made from well-selected brass or aluminum lines in the protective coating of fins. It's coupled to your engine and the ventilation grills of the vehicle via inlet and outlet pipes. You'll be able to regulate the hot air from this component by the use of the heater knob mounted on the climate control of the automobile.

Eventually, this part is going to malfunction. You do not have to experience poor overall performance and/or upgrade the entire system to preserve its Lincoln Navigator heater core capabilities. The only thing that you have to do is find a direct replacement unit in exchange to this part from OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement right here at Parts Train!