Your car's heating assembly is actually secondary cooling system. The heart of every automobile heater is a heat exchanger similar to your Lincoln Continental heater core. This is primarily a small radiator. A heater core functions to accept hot coolant from the engine into its tubes and uses the protective fins to magnify transfer of heat to the fan-forced air. The heat that the heater core creates is utilized to warm the interior.

Your Lincoln Continental heater core is situated beneath the dashboard. The first part you'll notice is the fins that're connected to brass or aluminum lines. It is coupled to your engine and the vents of your car by means of discharge tubes. You'll be able to manage the amount of hot air from the component via the use of a heater knob mounted on the climate control of your automobile.

Neglect, its own tough tasks, and irregularity will eventually affect your heater core. Updating your Lincoln Continental heater core with an exact counterpart will bring back its functions. The only thing that you've got to accomplish is look for an exact replacement unit for this part and it should be from OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement ; they're offered here at Parts Train!