Nowadays, because of the surge of modern automotive technology and the demands for better driving and ride comfort, Lexus has integrated with high performance systems and components that are engineered for human benefit. Since your comfort is always the top concern, driving through extreme environments especially during cold seasons will never be a bother with the Lexus heater core. This is a small radiator-like device which keeps your interiors warm whenever it is needed. This is located under the dash board and particularly mounted at the HVAC housing. This supplies sufficient heat for warming your interior. This is activated via heater controls and a blower motor which controls the accurate amount of heat.

The heater core is equipped with hoses where hot coolant is channeled. It is composed of an inlet and outlet to allow passage for the coolant through the core. It has a series of tubes and fins which allow an area for heat exchange. An electric fan is mounted on it which serves to direct a concentrated heat inside the vehicle. This is activated via a switch called "fan" or "blower" which can be found on your control panel. The concept of the heater core's operations is just the same with the radiator except that the heat is released in your vehicle's interiors instead of giving it off outside.

Some engines use the heater core to warm the air coming from the air conditioner whenever the dash setting is not set to "cold". But for most efficient and better performing designs, do not do this since it forces the engine to work harder than it has to. Instead, they work by setting the compressor on and off to reduce the cooling output. This can save more engine power and thus, allowing it to provide a productive output. When your vehicle is running hot, you can turn the heater on to help minimize the heat in the engine.

The Lexus heater core should be regularly inspected together with the cooling system. Coolant changes must be done at recommended intervals to prevent failure. Signs that your heater core is starting to fail includes coolant leaking on the interior, an unusual smell whenever the heater is on, and poor heater output. For your peace of mind, have it inspected by qualified service technician to determine where the exact fault lies. If left unattended, heater core problem tends to get worse and over time, its break down will happen.

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