The heating system of a Kia vehicle is usually ignored when it is still not needed, especially during hot summer days. But it would be entirely different when driving on the cold days and nights of winter. This would be the only time that the warmth provided by the heating system is well appreciated. It is at this time that you would wish you had the car's heater checked before. But the heating system of the vehicle is always active, whether for cooling or heating the cabin of the vehicle. The heating system is a small part of the entire cooling system of the vehicle.

The heating system of the vehicle has a dual function. It is also a back up system for the main engine cooling system. When the main engine cooling system fails resulting to the overheating of the engine, turning on the heater with the fan at high and with the car windows open will serve as first aid for engine overheating. The heater core is an indispensable part in the entire cooling system. This is a small radiator-like device that helps the radiator in the cooling process of the coolant.

The heater core is basically finned, water to air heat exchanger device that can be found under the passenger side dashboard, commonly contained in a heater box. The main function of the heater core component is to give heat to the occupants of the vehicle. However, this function is a result of the cooling process of the coolant. The coolant goes through the heater core via a hose connected to the cylinder head of the vehicle. With the help of a fan, the heat absorbed by the coolant is transmitted to the air which flows through the heater core. The partly cooled coolant then flows back to the pump.

The heater core is one part of the vehicle which plays an important role and therefore should not be ignored. If not properly maintained, a damaged heater core could cause the coolant to leak, thereby reducing the amount of coolant supply, a situation which affects the operation of the entire cooling system of the vehicle. If it gets damaged or is already worn out, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

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