Enormous amount of heat is created when the fuel and air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber. To keep the engine from overheating, it is vital to effectively dispose of the heat. This is where the cooling system comes in handy. Your cars cooling system is actually a combination of several parts that work together in dispersing heat and maintaining the ideal working temperature of your car. Among the vital components of the cooling system is the heater core. It works on keeping your car warm when it is cold outside. A fully functional heater core is essential in your Jeep Cherokee ride to ensure that your car drives smoothly and trouble-free for miles and miles of driving application.

Your Jeep Cherokee heater core is a mini radiator that is usually mounted under the dashboard. You many wonder what the heater core has to do with the cooling system. The coolant fluid running in the engine actually runs to the heater core as well. This allows heat to radiate to the heater core allowing your car to run cooler. The fin-like configuration of the heater core allows hot air to pass into the vehicle rather than out of it. The heater core draws heat off the engine so if your car is running hot, turning the heater on can help lessen heat in the engine.

Jeep Cherokee heater core are built from high quality materials designed to withstand any operating condition. Its tough grade construction allows it to offer long service life. Over time though the heater core channels will become restricted or clogged. This will cause the flow of hot coolant to slow or stop. Flushing the heater core can sometimes improve the flow of coolant but replacement may be a better option. Signs of a failing heater core include a sweet burning smell inside your car. As soon as you notice this smell, you need to immediately check on the heater core. Delaying replacement is poor economy that increases your chance of getting an overheated engine.

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