Over the years, Jeep vehicles have proven the automotive market that they are one of the trusted and excellent quality vehicles. The long vehicle line up and history of Jeep vehicles is one of the richest in the industry. No doubt many car enthusiasts have long trusted this vehicle marque. These days, Jeep vehicles have remained to be a comfortable and reliable car both on and off the road. Its superb quality, power and performance never fail to give you the style and quality performance that you want.

All components of your Jeep are designed from high strength materials that can perform superbly in any driving condition. Among its essential components that serve great importance in winter driving is the heater core. When it is freezing outside, you can rely on the heater core to keep you warm inside your car. Thus, traveling in cold weather will never be a problem when you have a fully functional heater core in your Jeep. In essence, heater cores are like small radiators. But instead of keeping the warm air outside of the car, heater cores keep it inside. This way you are kept warm inside despite the cold weather outside.

Several hoses and a small fan direct the hot coolant inside the car and keep it from escaping outside. Every time you turn on the heater, air is pushed to the heater core. This air is heated by the coolant and then forced to the cabin. Heater cores can also help reduce heat in the engine. So when you notice that your engine is running too hot, turning on the heater core can help reduce the heat and keep your Jeep from overheating.

Time and usage though will eventually take a toll on the life of your heater core. Over time, it will develop leaks and dents. When damage to your heater core is evident, it is vital that you secure replacement as soon as possible. Loss of heating and a sweet smell are the common indication of a worn out heater core. As soon as you notice these symptoms, immediately address the problem. If you do not know how to properly replace a heater core, do not hesitate to contact your competent mechanic. They have the necessary knowledge and tool in properly going about the replacement job.

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