Owning a breath taking and elegant vehicle such as the Jaguar provides tremendous joy and pride. Aside from the superb power and performance, the luxurious and stylish appeal that it offers is incomparable. It surely never fails to turn heads on the street. Every component of a Jaguar is made from high grade materials that enable it to endure any type of working environment at any driving application. If you are one of the lucky owners of a Jaguar, you should extend great maintenance and care to it to keep the car in great shape at all times.

Among the essential components of your Jaguar is the heater core. When the temperature outside suddenly drops to a freezing cold, the heater core keeps you warm and cozy inside your car. As a miniature adaptation of the radiator, the heater core serves as the heating unit of your car. It is usually mounted under the dashboard to efficiently give off heat inside the car. The hot coolant is generally delivered from the water pump to the engine, to the radiator and to the heater core. Heater cores usually work exactly the same as the engine radiator. The only difference between the two is that heater core releases heat inside the car instead of outside.

The hot engine coolant is delivered to the heater core through the use of hoses. A fan ensures that the hot air is routed inside the car and not outside. But aside from keeping the heat inside of your car warm, heater cores also help keep your car cold. If you notice that your car is running too hot and on the verge of overheating, turning the heater core on can lessen the heat in the engine. This will keep your engine components from getting damaged and worn out from too much heat.

Over time though, your Jaguar heater core will deteriorate. It will develop leaks and damage. Eventually, it will stop working all together. Before your get frozen inside your car, it is vital that you replace your worn out heater core as soon as possible. Overlooking a damaged heater core can cause overheating and engine damage. So if you notice a sweet smell coming from the vent and a loss of heating inside the car, immediately arrange for a replacement.

Because replacing a heater core can be quite difficult, it may be in your best interest to have your competent mechanic do the replacement for you. You can grab your Jaguar heater core here in Parts Train. We offer genuine and high grade Jaguar heater core that till fit best with your car. If you have any queries and concerns, feel free contact our customer service personnel.