Dealing with engine overheating suggests you to run the heater along with the fan at full blast and rolling your vehicle windows open. The rationale behind this action is that the heating system can serve as a secondary cooling system for your Isuzu auto unit. Actually, the heating system isn't just acting like one; it does such function mainly because it is also a part of the engine cooling system. But the heating system won't be able to do its function alone without its subcomponent. And the heater core is its most vital part that actually functions like that of the radiator.

The Isuzu heater core is a finned, water-to-air heat exchanger that is mounted underneath the right side of the Isuzu's dashboard, usually covered by a heater box. The heater core is not only responsible in keeping the passenger compartment warm during cold season, but it also aids the radiator in cooling the engine all year long. It is the reason why a heater core is referred to as a small radiator within the heating system.

The function of the Isuzu heater core resulted from its coolant cooling function. A hot engine coolant is pumped by a water pump from the radiator and through the engine, and then finally to the heater core. This green or orange colored engine coolant is actually a hot water that runs through the radiator. The coolant is able to pass the heater core through a hose from the vehicle's cylinder head. The heat absorbed by this coolant is transferred to the air flowing, and with the aid of a fan, this coolant enters the heater core. But the heater core must be turned on beforehand so that the air from the blower motor is forced through it where it gets heated up fro the engine coolant is transferred into the cabin.

The crucial job of the heater core requires you to take proper care and maintenance of the part. Otherwise, the efficiency of your Isuzu cooling system would surely be affected once leaks on the heater core occur. But just like any automotive part, the heater core will eventually develop leaks over a period of time. A leaking heater core indicates a loss of heating and a sweet smell from the vent. The first sign of leaks necessitates you to fix it right away.

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