Have you ever wondered how your luxurious Infiniti model can bring you air conditioning and heating anytime you wish to have them? If you have, then it is time that you get to know the opposite system of your engine cooling system, which is found just behind the front passenger compartment dashboard, the heating system. You will be surprised to know that this system is actually a part of the cooling system. In reality, it is a miniature mirror of the cooling system and is also equipped with a mini radiator called your Infiniti heater core.

The heater core is a small finned water to air exchanger that is very much like your auto radiator. It is located at the farthest back of the cooling system and marks the end of the cooling process. The heater core manages to collect the heat from the same coolant that passes the radiator. When the coolant flows out of the engine cylinder head, the heater fan blows it for the heater core to collect the heat, allowing the partially cooled coolant to return to the pump. The heat is now held concentrated in the heater box, where it can be accessed through the heat adjuster.

Modern vehicle models are equipped with more modern adjuster, while older ones have a heater knob which you can turn clockwise for the heat to flow out of the air stream. That is the main function of the heater core, to provide comfort. The Infiniti heater core can also serve as a secondary cooling system of your vehicle in times of engine overheating. This can help cool the engine by opening it with the fan at full blast while the auto windows are wide open.

This function of your Infiniti heater core makes it worth investing on. Proper maintenance should be upheld and administered. Cleaning and inspecting it before hitting the road is also necessary. This will serve as your preventive measure against any untoward incident that may come along your way. When experiencing irregularities with your Infiniti heater core, it is best that you do not drive without getting it replaced.

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