If the automobile is equipped with a cooling system to protect the engine from overheating, then where does the heat go? If you notice, the control has both the air conditioning and the heater that keeps the passenger compartment convenient at all times despite any given temperature outside. These two supposedly opposite components work hand in hand to regulate the interior temperature and give you the driving comfort that you need. The heater works through the water to air exchanger that handles the heat that the coolant absorbs from the cylinders. This water to air exchanger in your Hyundai vehicle is the Hyundai heater core.

The Hyundai heater core is the main feature of the Hyundai heating system which works in twofold: to provide heat in the air stream of the passenger compartment and to serve as the back-up of the cooling system when things go wrong to the engine, like overheating. The heater core provides heated air all throughout the passenger compartment through the passages of the air conditioning. It works as a cooling system back-up when the engine overheats by opening it with the fan and the windows. This way, the excess heat is released and the cooling down of the engine is easily facilitated.

Maintenance should always be upheld for this important part because of its vital function to your overall driving convenience. The performance that your model shows off is the product of the engine that is supported by this subsystem together with the different under-the-hood performance parts. Maintaining this component will require you to clean and inspect it, and to provide a replacement when irregularities and damage start to settle in after a long time of service. After all, investments like this are worth your hard-earned money. And besides, driving with erratic ones will expose your vehicle to greater danger and bigger expenditures.

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