Your automobile's heating assembly is eventually, its secondary cooling system. The key of each vehicular heater is actually a heat exchanger similar to your Honda Passport heater core. It is basically a small radiator. A heater core works to collect hot coolant from the engine into its tubes and makes use the attached fins to improve the transfer of heat to the air. The high temperature that your heater core produces is used to bring heat in the cabin.

Typically, your Honda Passport heater core is located at the back of the dashboard. First part you'll observe is the fins which are attached to brass or aluminum pipes. It is connected to the engine and the vents of your automobile by means of inlet and outlet tubes. You can regulate the hot air from this component through the use of the heater knob mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Over time, your heater core will also get damaged. You don't actually have to endure bad performance or change the entire assembly to restore its Honda Passport heater core performance. The only thing that you have to accomplish is search for a perfect substitute for this part and it should be from OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement right here at Parts Train!