'When the engine overheats, turn your heater full while the fan is also full blasted with the windows open.' This is the normal instruction of professional drivers to amateurs regarding the troubleshooting of the engine whenever overheating is on its way and can no longer be prevented. This is because your Honda heating system can also work as your secondary cooling system during such instances. This system, although of opposite function with the cooling system, is also another component of the said system. It is able to perform its function through the Honda heater core.

The heater core is like a small cooling radiator, a finned water to air exchanger that is located at the farther side of the engine bay. When inside the passenger compartment, you will find it at the front passenger side underneath the dashboard through a heater box. You can have full access to the heater through an adjuster or a heater knob. The heat that the heating system of your auto provides passes through the same opening where the air conditioning entrance is.

Although the main function of the heater core is to provide heated air to the passenger compartment when the temperature inside starts to fall beyond what the human body can conveniently tolerate, the heater core also provides a back-up for the protection of the engine in case of overheating. It absorbs the heat through the coolant that passes through it from the engine cylinder head and transforms this heat to air, which is later used when the heater and the fan are full blasted.

You cannot deny that the function of the Honda heater core is vital to your driving needs and convenience. Therefore, this part also has to be maintained for its longevity. You can do proper cleaning and ocular inspection each time you open the hood for maintenance purposes or a round of checkup prior to your daily journey. This will be a preventive measure against any untoward incident that you may encounter down the road. This is also for your own comfort while you drive, leaving you in optimum command of your vehicle no matter what the weather is.

However, like anything in your Honda that may give in to all types of pressure and harsh road elements, the Honda heater core is also subjected to all these conditions, and these may weaken its structure over time. When irregularities start to show, never hesitate to change it with the aftermarket products available in the auto parts market. And when talking about aftermarket products, you have Parts Train to trust your Honda needs to. Parts Train has complete parts and auto accessories for all vehicle makes and models. We have high quality Honda heater core. Visit us now and have a hassle-free online shopping.