Gmc Sierra Pickup Heater Core

The heater core installed in your GMC Sierra is one component which is used in heating the cabin of this pickup truck. It resembles and functions like the radiator; but instead of releasing the heat outside the pickup, the heat would be released inside. It is usually mounted just under the dash board of the vehicle and is tucked inside a plastic box. Its main job is to let the coolant flow through after the thermostat has opened. After the coolant has flowed through, it will allow you to run the heating system and warm up the interior of the pickup by turning the fan on using the switch located at the control panel.

Heater core is basically used when the warm temperature is needed in the interior of the vehicle, specifically when the weather is extremely cold. When the dash setting is not set as “cold”, it is then where the heater core’s role is needed. Sometimes, the heater core is used when the vehicle overheats by turning it on. This will help reduce the heat in the engine. Just like the radiator, a heater core may fail prematurely due mostly to lack of proper care and maintenance. To avoid such, it must be maintained as how you would a radiator, such as servicing the coolant system every two years.

When the heater core fails, there are symptoms that will tell you of such condition. First symptom is when the radiator is full of coolant fluid while the thermostat is still working fine, but there is no heat when turning it one. Second symptom is when you find an antifreeze puddle on the foot well by the passenger side inside your pickup. Smell of antifreeze after running the defroster or the heater is another symptom. In addition, you will see some smoke puffs coming out the vent ducts or defroster. And the last symptom of failure is when you see your windshield fogging up after running the heater or defroster.

Sometimes one way to determine if it is really bad is by flushing the coolant system. If there is still no heat, then you got a really bad heater core. This means you have to be in search now with a new GMC Sierra heater core to replace the bad unit. Finding a replacement of the bad heater core is never a problem. PartsTrain online is always around when it comes to automotive parts needs. You can find a high-quality GMC Sierra heater core by visiting PartsTrain online catalog where you can also find premium auto parts and accessories.