Your ride acts not only as transport, but also as a shelter from the severe weather conditions outdoors. Your vehicle's AC keeps you cool during the summer months, while the Gmc R1500 heater core is the main part of the heater that assists in keeping you cozy when the temperature is cold. A heater core is basically a compact version of your car's radiator, where the warm coolant provided by the motor is passed through a twisting tube. A fan guides air thru the heater core, allowing the heat to transfer and be brought to the cabin.

A heater core can be busted, triggering it to leak, or it could become blocked. You must swap your vehicle's heater core immediately if you observe that it's broken. With a new, top-rate replacement Gmc R1500 heater core, you don't be forced to endure the snowy temperature of winter when you are on board your car.

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