Cars are not merely modes of transportation; they also act as shelters from the weather. In hot weather, the vehicle's air conditioning assembly is what cools down the air within the cabin, while it's the Gmc G35 heater core that assists in keeping you warm and comfortable in cold weather. A heater core works like your vehicle's radiator by transferring very hot coolant through a turning metal tube-actually, it is very comparable in layout to the radiator, but it is less massive. A fan moves air thru the heater core, enabling the heat energy to transfer and be delivered to the passenger area.

The heater core may be damaged, inducing it to leak, or it may become obstructed. In case you discover that your car's heater core is defective, then you should change it promptly. With a brand-new, high-quality replacement Gmc G35 heater core, you should not be forced to suffer the icy chill of winter when you are on board your vehicle.

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