The heat of summer may make you forget the other important component and subsystem of your auto's cooling system, which is its heating system. Although giving you opposite temperatures, the heating and the cooling system of your GMC model are actually lying connected with each other in your vehicle's cooling system. These are made possible with the practicality and technology that comprises the GMC automobiles. So when the winter starts to creep in, you are sure that your GMC heater core is there to comfort you.

The GMC heater core is the most important part of the GMC heating system. It looks like a miniature cooling radiator. This little component is located adjacent to the real cooling radiator just behind the front passenger compartment. It can be accessed through the ventilation openings where the air from the AC also passes through. A heater knob is installed in the control panel right at the dash board for turning the vehicle's heating system on and off to enable the heater core to operate.

The amazing function of the heating system is a product of the cooling process that is employed to take care of the heat that the engine produces during combustion. This heat is transferred to the coolant that passes through the cooling radiator and the heater core of your vehicle. The heat present in the coolant is stored and is later used to heat the passenger compartment once the heater knob is turned on.

The heater core is but another vital component of the cooling system which manages to regulate the temperature inside your auto cabin to keep you comfortable all through your daily GMC drive, especially on cold and snowy days. Because of this, you need to maintain it for it to maximize the length of its service to you. Regular cleaning and checking should be administered as well as a periodic trip to your reliable handyman. However, when the time arises that your GMC heater core starts to show irregularities and damage, change and replace it as soon as possible.

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