Your ride serves not just as transport, but also as a shelter from the harsh conditions in the outdoors. In hot weather, the vehicle's air conditioning assembly is what cools the air within the cabin, while it is the Dodge W200 heater core that helps keep you warm and comfy in cool weather. A heater core operates like your vehicle's radiator by moving very hot coolant via a turning pipe-indeed, it's very equivalent in layout to the radiator, but it's less massive. A fan passes air along the heater core, enabling the heat energy to transfer and be carried to the passenger area.

A heater core may be busted, triggering it to leak, or it can become blocked. If you observe that your vehicle's heater core is defective, then you should substitute it at once. You do not have to live with feeling like a snow cone when you can simply purchase a top-notch aftermarket Dodge W200 heater core.

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