Dodge Grand Caravan Heater Core

The moment you begin to experience the gust of hot air that comes below your feet then it might be a signal that you need to replace your Dodge Grand Caravan heater core. Most of the time, this part tends to be neglected perhaps because of the fact that it is not very much visible like other high functioning parts and sad to say, people only tend to observe its importance when they begin to experience the hotness of their ride. When this moment arrives, you will surely feel uncomfortable and then you will begin to immediately blame yourself for not checking the heater core early on.

Basically, the Dodge Caravan heater core is comparable to a radiator in terms of function that it provides. This part typically generates heat through the help of heated coolant that is present in the engine and distributes it to the cabin. Moreover, conductive pipe that is twisted in aluminum fins produces a larger surface area. The heated coolant will then go within the inlet of the heater core and it will pass through the outlet before it goes back to the water pump. Vehicle's ventilation system is further mounted with fan that pushes air through the heater core's fins. Starting from these fins the heat generated by the coolant will then be pushed to the air that passes through different vents.

There are various systems that would allow you to control the air temperature that goes inside the passenger compartment. Another means is by blocking the heater core through the use of a plastic door. Some vehicles may also make use of an electronic system to control the door or valve. This process is easy and straight. Some models may also be equipped with dual climate function; this kind offers an option for the driver and passenger to individually set their preferred temperature. In this kind, the heater core is separated into two, and these two kinds carry different amounts of coolant.

But through time, the heater core will also experience some wearing off and one of the most prevalent reasons is the clogging of the pipes. Moreover, regular inspection should be done; the coolant must be replaced regularly to prevent clogging. If this thing happens, a clogged heater core creates a restricted flow pattern which will result to a reduced or lost heating capacity. If you need a replacement for your Dodge Grand Caravan heater core, you can place your order here at Parts Train. You can order any time since we are open for business 24 hours a day!