Do you know that the warm air given off by the heater inside the passenger compartment of your Chrysler is part of the great amount of heat that the engine's cooling system routes out of the engine? That's true. The heater actually works both for cooling and for heating function. This is done through your Chrysler heater core, the most important component of the heating system. It is a heat exchanger and a small radiator, aiding the main radiator in performing its cooling function.

Coolant is utilized by the engine cooling system. It travels around the engine to gather the heat and goes back to the radiator so that the heat that it has gathered will be properly dissipated. Some of the coolant is routed into the heater core through a hose that connects to the head of the engine cylinder. With the help of a fan, the heat in the coolant is dissipated and transferred to the air that is supplied into the vehicle cabin for warming. This is a concrete example of the adage 'hitting two birds in one stone' and is an economical and a practical means of ridding the engine of the damaging heat and routing this heat to where it is needed, the auto cabin.

The heater core is designed to last a long time in your vehicle, provided that you perform the necessary maintenance measures needed. Primary of these is the regular flushing and refilling of coolant, a maintenance job that is easy and simple to do. Neglect to change the coolant can cause corrosion and leaks, which may also endanger the engine and rob you of the driving comfort that you deserve. So better practice the religious flushing of coolant in your vehicle whenever the right interval for a coolant change comes. Better be observant, too, of the symptoms of a damaged heater core. These may include reduced heat inside your vehicle cabin, coolant loss, and an unexplained dampness in your carpet.

And if you find that your stock heater core is starting to fail, you better replace it. Find your needed Chrysler heater core here at Parts Train. Choose from our wide selection of heater cores, auto parts, and auto accessories.