Your ride serves not only as transportation, but also as a refuge from the unpleasant weather conditions outdoors. In warm weather, the vehicle's air conditioning system is what cools down the air inside of the cabin, while it is the Chevrolet Traverse heater core that helps keep you heated and cozy in cool weather. A heater core is basically a scaled-down copy of your automobile's radiator, where the hot coolant from the powerplant is passed thru a winding tube. A fan moves air through the heater core, permitting the heat energy to dissipate and be brought to the cabin.

The heater core can commence dripping or get blocked, making it inoperable. If you detect that your vehicle's heater core is broken, then you will have to substitute it at once. You do not have to live with feeling like a frozen treat when you can simply buy a cutting-edge aftermarket Chevrolet Traverse heater core.

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