Chevrolet engineers have come to deal with one of the most common maladies of the vehicle systems. Engine overheating is one of those problems that need careful attention. As the term implies, overheating is caused by too much heat on the engine. That's why the heat produced by the engine should be expelled and that is possible through the aid of a heater core.

The Chevrolet Suburban heater core is the heart of the vehicle's heating system since it is responsible in utilizing engine heat to warm up the passenger compartment during winter. This device is a mini radiator bolted into a box, usually comprised of tubes, fins and with a water inlet line and a water outlet line to which the heater hoses connect. The box that houses the heater core is usually fixed to the firewall buried behind the dashboard.

A hot engine coolant is pumped from the water pump through the engine, radiator and the end mark is the Chevy Suburban heater core. Once the heater core is turned on, the air that comes from the blower motor is forced through the heater core. It is from there where it gets heated up from the engine coolant and is passed into the cabin. A valve or a lever is used to adjust the heat in the cabin. This opens up whenever you use the climate control system to dial up some heat, allowing the hot engine coolant to flow into the Chevy Suburban heater core.

The advantage of having your Chevrolet Suburban heater core is that it offers warmth when winter comes. However, as the vehicle ages the heater core may suffer from the same problem like that of the radiator. Lack of coolant can result to corrosion and the formation of leaks. The acidic coolant eats away the joints of the heater core which causes it to form leaks. The additional pressure on the other hand results to a blocked heater core which can weaken its joints. When your Chevrolet Suburban heater core begins to leak, interior damage, foul odors, mold, and rust will soon be experienced.

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