Did you know that your own heater is actually engineered to cool your own engine? It's designed with a heat exchanger referred to as your Chevrolet P10 heater core. This particular part is pretty much as your radiator inside your cooling system. The main function of of your heater core is to produce warm air from the hot coolant entering its tubes. The high temperature that the heater core produces is utilized to warm the passenger cabin.

Your Chevrolet P10 heater core is located under the instrument cluster. It is manufactured using both brass or aluminum tubing in the protective covering of fins. A typical heater core is equipped with tubes designed for collecting and discharging coolant. You can control the hot air from the heater core through the use of the heater knob mounted on the climate control of the automobile.

Gradually, this part will also malfunction. Changing your Chevrolet P10 heater core with an exact match will certainly restore your heater's performance. Parts Train distributes OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units that you can select from.