Did you realize that your own heater is also designed to help cool an engine? The center of an automotive heater is actually a heat exchanger just like your Chevrolet Luv heater core. This is basically a small radiator. The primary purpose of of your heater core is to be able to produce warm air through the hot coolant that enters its pipes. The high temperature your heater core creates is required to bring heat in the passenger cabin.

Usually, the Chevrolet Luv heater core is right behind your control panel. It is actually made up of either brass or aluminum tubes inside a defensive covering of fins. It's attached to the engine and also on the ventilation grills of your car via inlet and outlet pipes. You'll be able to regulate the hot air coming out of this part through turning the heater knob on the dash of the car.

Gradually, this part will get damaged. Replacing your Chevrolet Luv heater core with its precise replacement is going to restore the heater's performance. The only thing that you have to accomplish is find an exact replacement unit for this part from OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement right here at Parts Train!