Did you know that the heater is actually designed for cooling your engine? It is equipped with a heat exchanger known as the Chevrolet K30 heater core. This is basically a smaller radiator. A heater core functions to receive hot coolant coming from the engine into its tubes and makes use the attached fins to increase transfer of heat onto the air from the fan. Heat that the heater core generates is utilized in warming the interior.

The Chevrolet K30 heater core is situated underneath the dash panel. The first part you'll notice certainly is the fins that're attached to brass or aluminum tubes. A typical heater core has an inlet and outlet for collecting and flowing out coolant. The amount of heat that is sent in your cab is usually controlled via a tab right on the dashboard.

Misuse, its heavy-duty activities, and irregularity will ultimately have effects on your heater core. Updating the Chevrolet K30 heater core with an exact match will bring back its functions. Parts Train offers OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement products for you to choose from.