Your car's heating system is actually extra cooling system. It is built with a heat exchanger referred to as the Chevrolet Corsica heater core. It is primarily a little radiator. A heater core actively works to receive hot coolant coming from the engine into the inlet , and then, uses the fins to improve the heat transfer to fan-forced air. The heat that your heater core produces is required to bring heat in the cabin.

Typically, the Chevrolet Corsica heater core is located behind the dashboard. It's made from both brass or aluminum tubing within a protective covering of fins. The heater core has an inlet and outlet that are for accepting and discharging coolant. The actual quantity of heat that could be released in the cabin is generally controlled with a knob or switch level right on the dashboard.

Gradually, this component will get damaged. You don't actually need to withstand poor efficiency or replace the entire assembly to recover your Chevrolet Corsica heater core functions. Parts Train sells OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement units for you to get one from.