Did you realize that the heater is intended to cool your own engine? This is equipped with a heat exchanger known as your Chevrolet Citation heater core. This is basically a small radiator. The primary purpose of this component is to be able to create hot air using the hot coolant collected into its tubes. It will eventually warm the passenger cabin and cool an engine.

The Chevrolet Citation heater core is situated beneath the dashboard. It is manufactured using well-selected brass or aluminum tubing in the shielding layer of fins. It is actually coupled to your engine and also on the vents of the car by means of discharge lines. The level of heat that could be vented to your cabin is typically controlled with a level right on the control panel.

Neglect, its difficult functions, and wear will swiftly take toll on your current heater core. Changing the Chevrolet Citation heater core with an precise counterpart will certainly preserve the heater's performance. Parts Train sells OES Genuine, Vista-Pro Automotive, or Replacement heater core replacement for you to choose from.