If the cooling system of your vehicle is beneficial during hot weather, same is true with the heating system of your vehicle during cold days. However, the heating system is also significant during summer. You may ask why? Because, the heating system of your Chevrolet Camaro vehicle also acts as a substitute with your vehicle's cooling system. As you might get surprised, the heating system is a mere part of the cooling system. And in order for the heating system to function efficiently, it is composed of a device known as the Chevrolet Camaro heater core.

The Chevrolet Camaro heater core is a small radiator which helps the main radiator in order to cool your vehicle's coolant. Found under the right side of your vehicle's dashboard, the Chevrolet Camaro heater core is a water-to-air heat exchanger which is covered by a heater box. Being a significant part of your vehicle's heating system the Chevrolet Camaro heater core can provide you as well as your passenger with enough heat, especially during cold weather. The heater core serves that function efficiently because of its coolant's cooling function. Through a hose, the coolant is able to enter the heater core coming from the vehicle's cylinder head. Then, with the help of the fan, the heat in the coolant is transmitted to the air which flows through the heater core, then flows back to the pump.

Because of its significant function in your vehicle, the Chevrolet Camaro heater core should be maintained at its good working condition. With the use of the Chevrolet Camaro heater core it can effectively keep the passenger compartment warm enough during cold seasons. It can also help your vehicle's radiator to cool your engine all through out the entire year of usage. However, when it gets damaged, make sure to check and replace it immediately. A damaged Chevrolet Camaro heater core can result to a coolant leak, thus the efficient performance of your vehicle's cooling system is greatly affected.

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